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Quality Assurance


In order to deliver a high-quality service, monthly audits are carried out by the Registered Manager, Operational Manager and Team Leaders of the service.

These audits include:

  1. Care related documentation.
  2. Comments, concerns & complaints. Service user, family, professionals & staff feedback 
  3. Financial management support and handling. 
  4. Medication Management and administration
  5. Staff supervision, competency assessments and training
  6. All appropriate legislative checks such as Health and safety, Fire and security.

Where possible, we involve service users in the decision making process that affects the service we provide them. Regular Meetings are held where all service users have the opportunity to make staff aware of their feelings, viewpoints and ideas. Service users are supported to use external advocacy services where they may need or wish for additional external support.

Team meetings for the staff team take place on a monthly basis, as do individual supervision sessions for each team member, giving staff the opportunity to voice their opinions and feedback to the Registered Manager about the service being offered. The Company conducts surveys for both staff, service users, families and professionals.

All service users and those involved in their care are made aware of the service’s complaints policy, and are encouraged to offer feedback through individual reviews and family forums.

The aim of the service is to provide a safe and homely environment that promotes
empowerment, independence and choice, whilst enhancing our service users daily
living skills, enabling individuals to move on to a less supported setting.

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