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Aims & Objectives


Excellence care provides care for adults with severe and enduring mental health problems and learning disabilities and its main aim and objectives are:

  • To provide support that is tailored to each service user’s individual needs
  • To empower service users to lead as independent a life as possible
  • To provide services that is anti-discriminatory
  • To provide a service that takes into account service user’s preferences, wishes, personal circumstances and individual abilities
  • To provide our service users with support of the highest quality within their own home environment
  •  Increase vulnerable adults’ awareness of their right to direct payments or individualised budget
  • Assist our clients to develop their own individualised support plan in full consultation with family, friends and care professionals
  • Provide services to clients in or outside their own home at a time and in a way that is agreed by them
  • To enable vulnerable adults to develop their confidence and maintain their dignity, by retaining control of the care and support services they receive
  • Empower our clients by enabling them to choose their support workers
  •  Involve users of our services in the recruitment and selection of support staff
  • Provide opportunities to choose from the range of recreational, educational and employment opportunities that are available in the community
  • To actively provide access to appropriate health and social care services
  • To provide experienced and committed staff that have the appropriate expertise and training to provide a holistic service to adults with a range of complex needs

How do we achieve these objectives?

  1. By working to an individual plan of support that has been agreed with the service user.         
  2. By working with service users to promote and, where possible, increase their independence.
  3.  By treating all service users with dignity and respect.                                                                        
  4. By encouraging service users to be involved in the development of the service.                     
  5. By ensuring that support is provided by trained and competent staff.                                                                  
  6. By supporting service users to access all community services available to them.                      
  7. Governance and Quality Assurance.

Where possible, we involve service users in the decision-making process that affects the service we provide them. Regular Meetings are held where all service users have the opportunity to make staff aware of their feelings, viewpoints and ideas. Service users are supported to use external advocacy services where they may need or wish for additional external support.

Team meetings for the staff team take place on a monthly basis, as do individual supervision sessions for each team member, giving staff the opportunity to voice their opinions and feedback to the Registered Manager about the service being offered. The Company conducts surveys for both staff, service users, families and professionals.

All service users and those involved in their care are made aware of the service’s complaints policy, and are encouraged to offer feedback through individual reviews and family forums. 


The aim of the service is to provide a safe and homely environment that promotes
empowerment, independence and choice, whilst enhancing our service users daily
living skills, enabling individuals to move on to a less supported setting.

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